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SERVICES (Process Detail)

Process Matters.

Only three things happen naturally in organizations: friction, confusion, and underperformance. Everything else requires leadership.
— Peter Drucker


Assessing what is getting in the way of you delivering the kind of performance you aspire to deliver.


Aligning your leadership style aligned with strategy you’re implementing, because different strategies require different behaviors. 


Helping male leaders become more gender intelligent, and majority groups develop an appreciation of cultural differences. 


Leading people to shift behaviors that are causing performance problems.

Process Matters.

While most systems take on a similarity of tone, my coaching process follows these phases:

  1. Goal setting and objective setting for the engagement. This will encompass a full systems view of the individual and the environment they operate in. It will explore goals to build individual expertise, leading teams and working in organizational settings

  2. Data Gathering: Once goals are agreed to, a set of objective and subjective data is collected to set a baseline for coaching. These will include assessment tools and surveys and personal interviews with a 360 view from those the individual works with

  3. Action planning and experimentation: This phase will focus on building strategies to address gaps between the current situation as determined in phase two and the goals from phase one.

  4. Measurement and validation of results. Feedback from key stakeholders on the achievement of goals is conducted through interviews and agreed upon metrics.

The process will include interviews and updates with sponsors or supervisors and additional testing (or retesting) if necessary. Expect this process to occur with approximately 12 sessions. The span of time varying, pending your objectives and company situation.


Becoming aware of your shadow - the impact you have on others and your organization - and how to deploy your shadow to shape culture and performance.


Refining and shifting your leadership mindset, by discovering the core beliefs that make up your mindset, and then emphasizing powerful, healthy beliefs.


Imbuing creativity into the workplace, creating more organizational agility, and increasing collaboration and teamwork.